Our law firm provides the following services in legal practice whilst remaining open to all areas of law:
  • Civil and Commercial Law litigation (in all Courts);
  • Telecommunication and information Technology Law
  • Criminal Law litigation (in all Courts);
  • Labour Law litigation (Conciliation, arbitration and the Labour Court);
  • Trusts, Trade Marks and Patents;
  • Divorce/Children custody litigation;
  • Registration of Companies, Close Corporations,
  • Conveyancing/Property Transactions;
  • Administration of Estates
  • Notarial Practice;
  • Drafting of and advising on Commercial and other contracts;
  • Civil Law (including litigation);
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims;
  • Legal Opinions (Commercial, Civil, Criminal, Labour, Public and Constitutional law);
  • Debt Collection;
As a corporate client, your work will enjoy preference to individual clients and will be directly supervised by one of the directors;
We are very well aware that because of the nature of your business, an urgent response is in most cases required.
We have an extensive portfolio of corporate clients and are accustomed to producing work on an urgent basis and meeting our clients’ needs.
Our general legal fees are charged as per the guidelines of the Law Society of Namibia whilst conveyancing fees are charged in terms of the Deeds Registries Regulations, Transfer Duty Act and the Stamp Duty Act.
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As matters progress, we will need to pay out various expenses (known as disbursements) on client’s behalf. Clients with exception of established corporate entities are expected to enter advance deposit of funds into our trust account the amount of which is dependent on the magnitude and nature of the case. The deposit is used to defray costs of disbursement and towards the eventual fees of the matter. Clients are entitled to detailed statement of services upon request;

In respect of conveyancing, fees are paid in advance because of the nature of the transaction, as transfer duty and stamp duty need to be secured before the transaction is lodged.

All queries and further information required in respect of any aspect or issue can be forwarded to the Directors Mr. Sisa Namandje and Ms Matilda Jankie-Shakwa at the particulars provided on the cover of this profile.